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We are Dia, Edgar Tristán-Hernández, Elías José López Martínez, Firewyni Getahun, Zerubabel Getahun, Hüseyin Çifel, Irina Singh, Javier Franco, Omar Bautista, Sarah E., Suheyla, Adis Lion, Hatinah Bangi, Rae Sita Pratiwi, Amalia Rodríguez, Shoaib Zaheer, Samer Alagha, Hala Elias, Peter Westenberg, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Elias Heuninck, Hendrik Leper, Femke Snelting, Open Source Publishing, Mohanad Yaqoubi, Hooman Jalidi, Kinda Ghannoum, Mirra Markhaeva, Mohammed Tawfiq, Marieke Rummens, Mohanad Yaqoubi, Lars Kwakkenbos, Dries De Wit, 


We worked for twelve weeks on an Open Design Course (ODC) to develop a learning and working platform together. The course focuses on Open Design as a technological, cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course methods are based on co-creation and peer learning, putting an emphasis on new media literacy.


WE SHARE our work in progress that was developed during the course in an Open Lab.

Çifel Hüseyin​

Artistically Exploring “Distance” as a Transformative Dimension


Biometric portraits

Temperature Issues


Irina Singh

Kushtau cake

Comfort mat

Feminist dream

Open Design Course, our stories

Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space (The Little Prince Zine edition) & Research in interaction of Biometric brain signals with simulated particle physics