Hatinah Bangi

My name is Hatner Bangi. I was born in Uganda and I am a journalist by profession and a fashion designer by passion. I love learning new things in a stable environment like not under pressure so next time don’t wonder if you meet me in a hospital as your doctor. I am still growing and learning. I always love to challenge myself for learning new things that are not in my line of work but just like the world dictates:> it needs multipurpose individuals to survive any kind of storm 💪🏽

How it all began

Comfort mat

The aim of my project is to creat a more comfortable space/zone even to the introverts and everyone I believe we should all have 30 minutes or an hour to work on our wellbeing regardless of the busy life we live.so we need space to think, rest or cry.You should do all this on a comfortable mat.

This Mat is something you can attach yourself with when you don’t feel like you are being heard or understood.This is also another form of communication that is not verbal but rather talking to yourself while you’re relaxed which will definitely be good for the silent majority like to people who can’t speak because of certain situations but can sit down on this mat and make better decisions on how to handle

I was actually looking for a prayer mat in Belgium and it seems like it’s hard to find one and this were I got this idea of making more and to have some with a sensor which reflects some light on to remind a person praying on how many times you have to since we have different prayer times.

Adding on the above,I also discovered that we need more than prayer mats so I made comfortable mats which are for everyone to rest and stretch ,meditate,exercise or sit on while at the beach after all it’s waterproof.

> My idea of a “comfort mat “ is made with different attracting and unique colors and also easy to carry,pack and clean. I think everyone should have a comfort mat